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16 Aug

FDA Warning Labels Update

Posted by 1ejuice.com Wholesale

Non-compliant packaging

Manufactures and distributors have until Sept 10 to sell any non-compliant packaging

Retailers who purchase now until September 10th have 1 year (September 10, 2019) to sell their non-compliant packaging.

A majority of our products are compliant. We are transitioning out with sales and discounts for the ones that are not. You will still have 1 year to sell it as a retailer. 

From the FDA


8. For 30 days after the compliance date of Aug. 10, 2018, manufacturers of covered tobacco products, roll-your-own tobacco, and cigarette tobacco products may continue to introduce into interstate commerce products with packaging that do not comply with the new health warning requirements only if the products were manufactured before Aug. 10, 2018. Additionally, retailers and distributors may continue to sell products with non-compliant packaging after the compliance date only if the products were manufactured before Aug. 10, 2018. FDA encourages retailers to contact their distributor/supplier for information about the tobacco products in their inventory.

See for yourself on the FDA website by clicking this link:


Click and expand the "References" section and see 8.