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30mL Okvmi Salts

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30mL (15mL-2pk) $19.95 - $24.99

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Berry Go-Yard - 30mL (15mL 2pack )

This vibrant combination of mixed berries and yogurt is designed to tantalize and captivate connoisseurs and renowned aficionados alike.

Blue-RZA - 30mL (15mL 2pack )

Enter the chamber of the blu-rza thunderbomb! A raspberry slushy flavor burst of goodness.

Dolce & Guava - 30mL (15mL 2pack )

For keepers of a higher standard and seekers of rewarding flavors. This is a palate pleasing blend that used the essence of unique and juicy south east Asian fruit extracts.

Haute Mocha - 30mL (15mL 2pack )

The rich espresso notes blend with other diverse coffee flavor profiles to jolt the palate just like morning Java. This mocha frappuccino is destined to be part of your morning routine.

Lychee Lauren - 30mL (15mL 2pack )

Combining the comforting sweetness of white peaches tea with the sweet and vibrant essence of lychee tea combines for a true must try innovative flavor experience.

Melon Milk - 30mL (15mL 2pack )

A must try e-liquid that transforms southeast Asian honeydew with soothing condense milk! For a unique tasty treat!

O.G. Bubba - 30mL (15mL 2pack )

The ultimate old school gum flavor mix that combines notes of exciting watermelon crafted with iconic pink gum for an optimized e-liquid flavor experience.

Rainbow Riot - 30mL (15mL 2pack )

A flavor force that will surely pack a punch. A well rounded, juicy, sweet and tart blend will battle for your taste buds. Love like tasting the rainbow, this squad will bring you to flavor paradise.

Sour Menace - 30mL (15mL 2pack )

A must have for seekers of great tangy candy e-liquid! you will be in for a great treat of awesome granny smith apples fused with our classic gum flavoring.

Twerp Supernova - 30mL (15mL 2pack )

The greatness of peach tea fused with the sour magic and invigorating taste of raspberry. Twerps will for sure blast your taste buds into the outer reaches of the galaxy!

30mL - 2x15mL - Okvmi Salts - Berry Go-Yard - 24mg
30mL - 2x15mL - Okvmi Salts - Dolce & Guava - 24mg
30mL - 2x15mL - Okvmi Salts - Haute Mocha - 24mg
30mL - 2x15mL - Okvmi Salts - Lychee Lauren - 24mg
30mL - 2x15mL - Okvmi Salts - Melon Milk - 24mg
30mL - 2x15mL - Okvmi Salts - O.G. Bubba - 24mg
30mL - 2x15mL - Okvmi Salts - Rainbow Riot - 24mg
30mL - 2x15mL - Okvmi Salts - Sour Menace - 24mg
30mL - 2x15mL - Okvmi Salts - Twerps Supernova - 24mg