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Beard Vape Co 30mL

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Beard Vape Co Wholesale 30mL

MSRP $21.95

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No.00 - 30mL

An Italian double espresso, creamy foam and a sweet tobacco flavoring topped with dusting of cinnamon. Close your eyes and imagine sitting in a quant parisian cafe… Ahhhh the taste and feeling of Paris!




No.05 - 30mL

Decadent and creamy Cheesecake with fresh ripe strawberries and a buttery graham cracker crust. The thought alone of this amazing juice will make your mouth water and the reality of it is even better.




No.24 - 30mL

Sweet and salty all the way. Smooth and creamy caramel with a sprinkle of sea salt creates the most amazing taste, smell and clouds. This juice is the taste of Fall in liquid form.





No.32 - 30mL

No more waiting for the County Fair to enjoy the deliciousness of a fresh baked funnel cake. This all day cinnamon-sugar and pastry vape will have you licking your lips as you reminisce about roller coaster rides and cheap stuffed animal prizes!




No.42 - 30mL

A delicious, cold, fruit medley in a cup topped with a drizzle of sweet whip cream. Experience a refreshing, sweet dessert flavor as you indulge in a bowl with an assortment of berries.




No.51No.51 - 30mL

Custard; a classic dessert that remains a standout for its sophisticated yet mild flavor and creamy texture. No.51 is a liquid clone of this perfect concoction made for your vaping enjoyment! You can never have too much of a good thing, and custard, my friend, is a very good thing!




 No.64 - 30mL

Fragrant and fruity, this one of a kind fusion of lemony-tartness and rich blue raspberry will delight your tastebuds and take you on a mini-vacation with every inhale. Just amazing!



No.71No.71 - 30mL

Rip open a package of mouth watering peachy gummy rings and you will know the amazing taste and smell of vape No.71. 

Your dentist called and has approved this e-juice as the perfect replacement for those tantalizing gummy treats. Guilt and cavity free enjoyment!

Beard Vape - 30ml - No. 00 - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
Beard Vape - 30ml - No. 32 - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
Beard Vape - 30ml - No. 42 - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
Beard Vape - 30ml - No. 42 - 03mg - 3mg/mL
Beard Vape - 30ml - No. 42 - 06mg - 6mg/mL
Beard Vape - 30ml - No. 51 - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
Beard Vape - 30ml - No. 51 - 03mg - 3mg/mL
Beard Vape - 30ml - No. 51 - 12mg - 12mg/mL