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Boba Vape

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Boba Vape Wholesale


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Jazzy Boba 30mL

Jazzy Boba - 30mL

Smooth inviting juice that has the sweet enticing mix of fragrant jasmine and tea blended with milk. Reminiscent of your favorite bubble tea. This juice creates beautiful fluffy vape clouds. Jazz things up a bit!







Dewwy Boba 30mL

Dewwy Boba - 30mL

Created after the very popular Jazzy Boba flavor, having a ripe and juicy honeydew melon mixed in with boba milk tea. Absolutely delish!




Mango Boba 30mL

Manggo Boba - 30mL

Manggo Boba juice is Thai boba flavor with a swirl of sweet and genuine mango to give you just the right essence of tea and the tropical mango flavor you crave!




Nutty Boba 30mL

Nutty Boba - 30mL

Rich and smooth almond milk jazzed up with Thai boba tea. The perfect mix of sweet and savory to blow your mind, go on and go Nutty!




Thai Boba 30mL

Thai Boba - 30mL

Hit the Thai Tea nail on the head. This fragrant Thai tea flavor mixed with dreamy-creamy sweet milk invites your tastes buds to sit back and enjoy a relaxing vape that will quickly become your go-to flavor!

Boba - 30mL - Dewwy Boba - 00mg - Zero
Boba - 30mL - Dewwy Boba - 03mg
Boba - 30mL - Dewwy Boba - 06mg
Boba - 30mL - Jazzy Boba - 00mg - Zero
Boba - 30mL - Jazzy Boba - 03mg
Boba - 30mL - Jazzy Boba - 06mg
Boba - 30mL - Manggo Boba - 00mg - Zero
Boba - 30mL - Manggo Boba - 03mg
Boba - 30mL - Manggo Boba - 06mg
Boba - 30mL - Nutty Boba - 00mg - Zero
Boba - 30mL - Nutty Boba - 03mg
Boba - 30mL - Nutty Boba - 06mg
Boba - 30mL - Thai Boba - 00mg - Zero
Boba - 30mL - Thai Boba - 03mg
Boba - 30mL - Thai Boba - 06mg