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Charlies Chalk Dust - 60mL

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Charlies Chalk Dust 60mL Wholesale
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King Bellman 60mLKing Bellman - 60mL

Brown sugar tobacco with soft vanilla.





Black Ice 60mLBlack Ice - 60mL

Juicy tart blackberries balanced harmoniously with refreshingly crisp cucumber and completing the flavor profile, a cool menthol finish.




Wonder Worm 60mL 

Wonder Worm - 60mL

If you were to take a sweet-tart and a fresh chewy gummy worm in your mouth and just let them settle on your tongue, you would have the soul and spirit of this completely alluring ejuice.




Slam Berry 60mL


Slam Berry - 60mL

Vape juice that tastes like a sunny day in a strawberry field picking the fresh fruit off the vine and dipping it into sweet creamy ice-cream before you pop that slammin' berry right into your mouth.

"Best in Show" at Vape Summit in Houston, TX. This one is a winner.



Head Bangin Boogie 60mL

Head Bangin Boogie - 60mL

Vape juice that is a tropical blueberry burst of flavor that makes me want to…”Put on my my my my my boogie shoes, and boogie with you!"




Mustache Milk 60ml

Mustache Milk - 30mL

No cliche here, this ejuice captivates with not only the taste but the smell. It’s the quintessential picture of people happily smiling while showing off the “milk mustache” they have after a pure and enjoyable chug of rich, creamy and smooth milk. Only this is better as you get the sweetness of the cereal taste to add that perfect combination!



Dream Cream 60mL

Dream Cream - 60mL

Vape juice that is a smooth vanilla cream with a spicy hint of cinnamon and swirls of fudge drizzling down the middle. Dream Cream is…more than dreamy, its "McCreamy Dreamy".




CCD3 60mL

CCD3 - 30mL

Buttery caramel so sweet and thick melted over freshly churned vanilla Ice-cream and to add a touch of savory, Charlie dusts this amazing juice with just the right touch of sea salt. This is Fall flavors to perfection! But guess what, we won’t tell anyone if you vape it all year long!



Jam Rock 60mL

Jam Rock - 30mL

Always lurking by the checkout counter, baiting you to beg your mom for the sweet and sour apple suckers we couldn’t get enough of. Well no more waiting for mom to give in, Jam Rock on my friend, Jam Rock on!




Big Belly Jelly 60mL

Big Belly Jelly - 30mL

Big Belly Jelly There is nothing sweeter than a perfectly ripe watermelon flavored candy. Pair that with a tart juicy blueberry jelly bean and you have a Big Belly Jelly ADV!

*REQUEST - Charlies Chalk Dust - Flavor Menu
60mL Charlies Chalk Dust Salts - Black (0mg/mL)
60mL Charlies Chalk Dust Salts - Black (3mg/mL)
60mL Charlies Chalk Dust Salts - Black (6mg/mL)
60mL Charlies Chalk Dust Salts - Gold (0mg/mL)
60mL Charlies Chalk Dust Salts - Gold (3mg/mL)
60mL Charlies Chalk Dust Salts - Gold (6mg/mL)
60mL Charlies Chalk Dust Salts - White (0mg/mL)
60mL Charlies Chalk Dust Salts - White (3mg/mL)
60mL Charlies Chalk Dust Salts - White (6mg/mL)
CCD - 60ml - Big Belly Jelly - 00mg - Zero
CCD - 60ml - Big Belly Jelly - 03mg
CCD - 60ml - Big Belly Jelly - 06mg
CCD - 60ml - Black-Ice - 00mg - Zero
CCD - 60ml - Black-Ice - 03mg
CCD - 60ml - Black-Ice - 06mg
CCD - 60ml - CCD3 - 00mg - Zero
CCD - 60ml - CCD3 - 03mg
CCD - 60ml - CCD3 - 06mg
CCD - 60ml - Dream Cream - 00mg - Zero
CCD - 60ml - Dream Cream - 03mg
CCD - 60ml - Dream Cream - 06mg
CCD - 60ml - Head Bangin Boogie - 00mg - Zero
CCD - 60ml - Head Bangin Boogie - 03mg
CCD - 60ml - Head Bangin Boogie - 06mg
CCD - 60ml - King Bellman - 00mg - Zero
CCD - 60ml - King Bellman - 03mg
CCD - 60ml - King Bellman - 06mg
CCD - 60ml - Mustache Milk - 00mg - Zero
CCD - 60ml - Mustache Milk - 03mg
CCD - 60ml - Mustache Milk - 06mg
CCD - 60ml - Slam Berry - 00mg - Zero
CCD - 60ml - Slam Berry - 03mg
CCD - 60ml - Slam Berry - 06mg
CCD - 60ml - Wonder Worm - 00mg - Zero
CCD - 60ml - Wonder Worm - 03mg
CCD - 60ml - Wonder Worm - 06mg