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Cosmic Fog - 30mL

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Cosmic Fog 30mL Wholesale

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Chilld Tobacco 30mL

Chill'd Tobacco - 30mL

Premium tobacco flavoring carries through a chocolate peppermint influence to create a rich decadent vape that will have you 'Chill’d out' in no time.



Chewberry 30mL

Chewberry - 30mL

Like your favorite chewy fruit flavored candy, this vape brings it all to the table! Succulent strawberry, sweet passion fruit and more tropical taste punches than you could ever possibly imagine! If you like fruity, your going to love Chewberry!



Euphoria 30mL

Euphoria - 30mL



Vape juice that is synonymous with the taste of drinking the milk out of the bowl after finishing the last bite of your favorite sweet and fruity breakfast cereal. Very berry, mingled with orange and lemon all mixed with the milky goodness…Silly Vape Lover, Euphoria is for you.



Kryptonite 30mL

Kryptonite - 30mL


LA burst of melon freshness with a sweet candy finish, an all day ejuice for sure. Nothing can bring a Kryptonian to his knees like Kryptonite, good thing we're not Kryptonians! This looks like a job for vape lovers!



Milk and Honey 30mL
Milk and Honey - 30mL
Milk and Honey ejuice that combine Clouds of marshmallows up in the sky raining drops of honey on your tongue. The feeling is delectable, the taste delicious. There is no sweeter more perfect taste than the forever amazing combination of Milk and Honey!


Nutz 30mL

Nutz - 30mL

Ejuice that will have you savoring the incredible blend of strawberry, almond and honey. It’s ok to go Nutz every day…you might even feel nutty enough run for president…. Ahhhh deeees Nutz! 




The Shocker 30mL

The Shocker - 30mL

LA thrill of an eliquid that's all smooth strawberry, mango apple on the inhale and a shocker of a lemonade citrus blast on the exhale. Enjoy this vape all day long.






Sonrise 30mL


Sonrise - 30mL

No need to pack your bags…this juice is an everyday vacation in the tropics. Sit back and enjoy the taste of the tropics; passion fruit, kiwi, pineapple… the list goes on as long as the flavor. Put your shades on, lean back and enjoy the Sonrise!



Sonset 30mL

Sonset - 30mL

Vape that has a seductive secret of contrasting flavors.  A surprisingly crisp pear freshness to start, an elegant tease of creme brûlée and an irresistibly rich salted caramel finish. Sonrise e-juice will remind you every day of why you choose to vape!

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