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Cosmic Fog Platinum

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Cosmic Fog Platinum 
MSRP $23.95 - $27.95

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Berry Trio - 60mL

An ultimate juicy blend! Red, white and golden raspberries combined with an old time touch of sweet huckleberry.


Sour Melon - 60mL

A vape juice that is never too sweet and never too sour. The perfect balance has been accomplished! A sweet and juicy medley of ripe watermelon deliciousness spiked with a satisfying jolt of sour candy. 


Tropic Splash - 60mL

Fresh sliced, golden pineapples and tangy passionfruit combined with juicy oranges and a secret island fruit blend to create the ultimate tropical drink vape. 

CF - 60mL - Berry Trio- 00mg - Zero
CF - 60mL - Berry Trio- 03mg
CF - 60mL - Berry Trio- 06mg
CF - 60mL - Sour Melon - 00mg - Zero
CF - 60mL - Sour Melon - 03mg
CF - 60mL - Sour Melon - 06mg
CF - 60mL - Tropic Splash - 00mg - Zero
CF - 60mL - Tropic Splash - 03mg
CF - 60mL - Tropic Splash - 06mg