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Cuttwood - 120mL

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Cuttwood 120mL
Cuttwood 120mL Wholesale
MSRP $69.95

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Bird Brains 120mL

Bird Brains - 120mL

Vape juice that tastes like fresh out of the box fruit cereal flavor that delivers. Morning vape has never tasted so yummy.




Boss Reserve 120mL

Boss Reserve - 120mL

Vape juice of Boss Reserve that is a golden honey graham cereal with roasted nut clusters. Drenched with creamy milk and layered with sliced bananas.




Mega Melons 120mL

Mega Melons/Monster Melons - 120mL

Delightful combination of Cantaloupe, Mango, and Papaya that will keep you coming back for more fruit goodness.




Mr. Fritter 120mL

Mr. Fritter - 120mL

A delectable pastry shell oozing with apples and cinnamon. This juice is like standing in your favorite bakery, a morning treat you can vape all day long!




Sugar Drizzle 120mL

Sugar Drizzle/Sugar Bear - 120mL

The perfect balance of Cinnamon and Sweet Cream, reminiscent of your favorite cinnamon cereal with milk. Mmmm.




Tobacco Trail 120mL

Tobacco Trail - 120mL

Mild Tobacco taste with silky smooth golden honey undertones. This vape aims to please!




Unicorn Milk 120mL

Unicorn Milk - 120mL

All Natural Strawberry Extract and four different Creams. Tastes just like Strawberry Milk.

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