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Fresh Pressed 100mL

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Fresh Pressed Eliquid

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Malibu Meltdown


Malibu Meltdown - 100mL

Close your eyes and imagine laying out on a white sandy beach and relaxing with this tropical blend of kiwi, watermelon, and mixed berries. Ahhhh... instant bliss!   

Pink Parfait

Pink Parfait - 100mL 

A perfect blend of delicious red strawberries, topped with smooth Bavarian sweet cream makes your wildest fantasy a reality.  


Sparkling Starfruit


Sparkling Starfruit - 100mL

Start with a glass of bubbly champagne, mix in chewy pink starfruit, add a variety of exotic fruits and you have got yourself the perfect party in your mouth.


Blissful Berries - 100mL

Frozen crushed dark berries blended with smooth lemon-limeade. 

100mL Fresh Pressed - Malibu Meltdown - 06mg - 6mg/mL
100mL Fresh Pressed - Pink Parfait - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
100mL Fresh Pressed - Pink Parfait - 06mg - 6mg/mL
100mL Fresh Pressed - Sparkling Starfruit - 06mg - 6mg/mL