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Just VAPE 15mL

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Blue Dulcis 15mL

Blue Dulcis - 15mL

Sweet sugary blueberry cotton candy with natural extracts made for the carnival youth in you.




Divinus Custard

Divinus Custard - 15mL

Throat coating, rich and creamy vanilla custard with depths of flavor that satisfies the desert lover.




Magnus 15mL

Magnus - 15mL

Unique earthy mixture of nuts and gram cracker with notes of banana and chocolate.




Nectaris 15mL

Nectaris - 15mL

Mouth watering peaches and cream colliding with a tropical thunderstorm of fruit.




Viridis 15mL

Viridis - 15mL

Made specifically for the people that enjoy a sharp and sweet vape. Crisp green apple that is enhanced with sweet fruit undertones will leave your mouth watering.

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JV - 15mL - Blue Dulcis - 12mg
JV - 15mL - Divinus Custard - 18mg
JV - 15mL - Magnus - 18mg
JV - 15mL - Nectaris - 00mg - Zero
JV - 15mL - Nectaris - 12mg
JV - 15mL - Viridis - 12mg
JV - 15mL - Viridis - 18mg