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Kilo - 120mL

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Kilo 120mL


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Cereal Milk 120mL

Cereal Milk - 120mL

aahhh to be a kid again. The best part of every day was the sugary sweet milk left in your bowl from breakfast. You drank it until it dripped down your chin. Welcome back creamy sweet memories, now you can “drip” all day long with this ADV!



Dewberry Cream 120mL

Dewberry Cream - 120mL

A fresh clean vape with a berry sweetness that gives way to the cooling honeydew melon taste and finishes with a soothing creaminess you can’t stop yourself from craving.




Fruit Whip 120mL

Fruit Whip - 120mL

E-juice that is simply heavenly! If you're a fruit flavor chaser and love it with a smooth whipped topping finish, you have completed your search. This new liquid will move to the front of your vape shelf. 




Kiberry Yogurt 120mL

Kiberry Yogurt - 120mL

Juice that is an amazing twist of sweet strawberry combined with tangy kiwi and miraculously blended into a smooth sweet parfait treat.




Tru Blue 120mL

Tru Blue - 120mL

Perfectly ripened blueberries are your first taste, followed by the delicious creaminess of custard. The feathery softness of this liquid will be sure to captivate your tastebuds and hold your senses hostage!

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