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Kilo - Black, White & Original Series

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Kilo White and Black Series E Liquid


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Apple Pie 60mL

Apple Pie - 60mL

Grandma use to say, “Life is just better with pie”. This juice is apples, cinnamon, and the perfect buttery flaky crust. Grandma, if you only knew!




Birthday Cake 60mL

Birthday Cake - 60mL

Delicious cake, rich creamy frosting and your favorite sprinkles on top. All lovingly made just for you, as if everyday is your birthday!




Honey Creme

Honey Creme - 60mL

Silky smooth honey dripped over a huge scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream with chopped nuts sprinkled on top. Like Velvet on your tongue.




Milk and Cookies 60mL

Milk & Cookies - 60mL

The sweet chocolate goodness elicited by the cookie + the creamy white and perfectly quenching milk. The two work together like a yin and yang dessert vape!  Go ahead…be a kid again!




Cinnamon Roll 60mL

Cinnamon Roll - 60mL

Like waking up to cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. The joy of the first dream bite. The warm soft roll, the silky sweet icing dripping on your tongue, the spicy kick of cinnamon.  A truly amazing and enticing vape.




Ice Cream Sandwich 60mL

Ice Cream Sandwich - 60mL

Vape that is sweet creamy vanilla bean ice-cream nestled between two freshly baked chocolate wafers. It's pretty darn hard to beat a classic chocolate and vanilla ice cream sandwich, but this is as close as we’ve seen!



Marshmallow Crisp 60mL

Marshmallow Crisp - 60mL

Vape like the best part of a bowl of crispy rice cereal with colorful marshmallows when at the very end you get to slurp down the remaining milk that has been absorbing all the delicious goodness of the flavors.




White Chocolate Strawberry 60mL

White Chocolate Strawberry - 60mL

Take the most beautiful red ripe strawberry and dip it into a smooth, creamy-sweet bowl of melted white chocolate and your have the embodiment of this incredible juice!

KILO - 60ml - Cereal Milk - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Cereal Milk - 03mg - 3mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Cereal Milk - 06mg - 6mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Dewberry Cream - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Dewberry Cream - 03mg - 3mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Dewberry Cream - 06mg - 6mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Kiberry Yogurt - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Kiberry Yogurt - 03mg - 3mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Kiberry Yogurt - 06mg - 6mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Tru Blue - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Tru Blue - 03mg - 3mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Tru Blue - 06mg - 6mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Fruit Whip - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Fruit Whip - 03mg - 3mg/mL
KILO - 60ml - Fruit Whip - 06mg - 6mg/mL
KILO - Nasty Juice - 60ml - Dillinger - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
KILO - Nasty Juice - 60ml - Dillinger - 03mg - 3mg/mL
KILO - Nasty Juice - 60ml - Dillinger - 06mg - 6mg/mL
KILO - Nasty Juice - 60ml - Gambino - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
KILO - Nasty Juice - 60ml - Gambino - 03mg - 3mg/mL
KILO - Nasty Juice - 60ml - Gambino - 06mg - 6mg/mL