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Lost Fog - 60mL

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Lost Fog 60mL
MSRP $23.95 - $27.95

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Baie Creme

Baie Cream - 60mL

A vape that offers a light tartness of mixed berries interwoven with the sweet sensation of passion fruit, then slowly churned with creamed honey for the smoothest most wonderful long lasting taste.





Dapple Whip

Dapple Whip - 60mL

A fresh green apple dipped in smooth rich caramel sauce with an unexpected but, oh so luscious topping of whipped cream to complete this "better than the real thing” vape. 






Neon Cream

Neon Cream - 60mL

Neon Rainbow: Juice that is a burst of orange zest, followed by raspberry deliciousness and a slightly tart lemon-lime rush at the end just to even things out. 

It's like buying a container of mixed sherbet and putting it into a blender for a neon rainbow  smoothy.





Streak - 60mL

You’ll feel like you picked these Gaviota’s yourself, with their ruby red sweetness and quintessential strawberry flavor and then mixed them into your own personal favorite creamy greek yogurt to make the highlight desert vape of your life! Go Ahead, get your “streek” on!

*Yes, this flavor name started off with the name "Streak" and has changed to "Streek" moving forward.

LF - 60mL - Baie Creme - 00mg - Zero
LF - 60mL - Baie Creme - 03mg
LF - 60mL - Baie Creme - 06mg
LF - 60mL - Baie Creme - 12mg
LF - 60mL - Dapple Whip - 00mg - Zero
LF - 60mL - Dapple Whip - 03mg
LF - 60mL - Dapple Whip - 06mg
LF - 60mL - Dapple Whip - 12mg
LF - 60mL - Neon Cream - 00mg - Zero
LF - 60mL - Neon Cream - 03mg
LF - 60mL - Neon Cream - 06mg
LF - 60mL - Neon Cream - 12mg
LF - 60mL - Streak - 00mg - Zero
LF - 60mL - Streak - 03mg
LF - 60mL - Streak - 06mg
LF - 60mL - Streak - 12mg