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One Hit Wonder

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One Hit Wonder Eliquid

100mL $39.99
180mL $59.99

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The Man

The Man (formerly Milk Man) - 180mL

A refreshing blast of plump, juicy strawberries, and creamy fresh milk. "The Man" definitely delivers an all day vape that's destined to be a favorite!





Police Man

Police Man - 180mL 

Vape that starts off all bakery fresh glazed donut deliciousness then nails it with a finish of marshmallowy cereal fluffiness. This juice is so sinfully good it almost feels criminal. #nobailneeded 





Muffin Man

Muffin Man - 180mL

This eliquid tantalizes your taste buds with a slightly tart apple flavor topped with a toasty warm cinnamon glaze reminiscent of your Grandmas home baked muffins! A dessert vape you won’t be able to put down.




My Man

My Man - 180mL

Ejuice is like celebrating your favorite childhood birthday. You know the one, where you got THREE scoops of your favorite ice-cream flavors? Vanilla, Chocolate AND Strawberry. Celebrating as an adult is so much easier with My Man, it's your new ADV! 




Rocket Man

Rocket Man - 180mL

Takes you on a journey of tastes that begins with sweet juicy blueberries, wholesome nutty granola all mixed with a tangy greek yogurt parfait perfection. Rocket Man, "I think it's going to be a long, long time" before we can put you down!





Magic Man

Magic Man - 180mL

Balancing a trifecta of fruit flavors and blending them into a sweet watermelon gummy candy, Magic Man creates the illusion that you’re actually chewing on a handful of your favorite fruit snacks. A feat that could only have been accomplished through magic! This one is sure to tantalize your tastebuds and leave you wondering – “How did he do it?”



Mini Muffin Man

Mini Muffin Man - 100mL

Good things come in smaller packages too and this little muffin is no different! Popped right out of the oven strawberry freshness with a creamy deliciousness. This does not disappoint!

*REQUEST - One Hit Wonder - Flavor Menu
OHW - 100mL - Mini Muffin Man - 00mg - Zero
OHW - 100mL - Mini Muffin Man - 03mg
OHW - 100mL - Mini Muffin Man - 06mg
OHW - 180mL - Magic Man - 00mg - Zero
OHW - 180mL - Magic Man - 03mg
OHW - 180mL - Magic Man - 06mg
OHW - 180mL - Milk Man - 00mg - Zero
OHW - 180mL - Milk Man - 03mg
OHW - 180mL - Milk Man - 06mg
OHW - 180mL - Muffin Man - 00mg - Zero
OHW - 180mL - Muffin Man - 03mg
OHW - 180mL - Muffin Man - 06mg
OHW - 180mL - My Man - 00mg - Zero
OHW - 180mL - My Man - 03mg
OHW - 180mL - My Man - 06mg
OHW - 180mL - Police Man - 00mg - Zero
OHW - 180mL - Police Man - 03mg
OHW - 180mL - Police Man - 06mg
OHW - 180mL - Rocket Man - 00mg - Zero
OHW - 180mL - Rocket Man - 03mg
OHW - 180mL - Rocket Man - 06mg