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Special 60mLs

Campfire 60mL SmoresCampfire Smores 60mL

Rich chocolate with the most perfectly toasted marshmallow set atop a sweet graham cracker and smooshed down to let all the amazing ooey-gooey goodness melt together. This vape is all that…no sticky mess, and…you're welcome!




Mr Meringue 60mlMr. Meringue 60mL

No ‘squeeze your face pucker lip’ here. The inhale on this is a true fresh lemon essence, and the exhale gives you the flaky pie crust desert taste you crave. Like floating on a lemon fresh fluffy cloud of meringue! 





Pineapple Whip 60mL

Pineapple Whip

A vape juice so sweet and tempting with its combination of pineapple juice, sweet vanilla ice cream and smooth creamy milk. Like a milkshake for your mod! 


Campfire - 60ml - Smores - 00mg - Zero
Campfire - 60ml - Smores - 03mg
Campfire - 60ml - Smores - 06mg
Mr Meringue - 60ml - Mr Meringue - 00mg - Zero
Mr Meringue - 60ml - Mr Meringue - 03mg
Mr Meringue - 60ml - Mr Meringue - 06mg
Pineapple Whip - 60ml - 00mg - Zero
Pineapple Whip - 60ml - 03mg
Pineapple Whip - 60ml - 06mg