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Special 60mL & 100mL

Single Flavor ejuice 60mL 100mL
Flavor Descriptions:

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Campfire 60mL SmoresCampfire Smores 60mL

Rich chocolate with the most perfectly toasted marshmallow set atop a sweet graham cracker and smooshed down to let all the amazing ooey-gooey goodness melt together. This vape is all that…no sticky mess, and…you're welcome!





Donut Hog 100mL

Donut Hog 100mL

Strawberry Glazed Donut.







Fruity Colors

Fruity 100mL

Fruity hard candies.

Was called Lyfe Flavors 






red colors

Red 100mL

Red hard candies. 

Was called Lyfe Flavors 





sour colorsSour - 100mL

Sour hard Candies

Was called Lyfe Flavors 






Mr Meringue 60mlMr. Meringue 60mL

No ‘squeeze your face pucker lip’ here. The inhale on this is a true fresh lemon essence, and the exhale gives you the flaky pie crust desert taste you crave. Like floating on a lemon fresh fluffy cloud of meringue! 




Ms Meringue 60mL Ms. Meringue 60mL 

Succulent strawberries smothered by sweet and billowing buttery meringue.






Strawberry Shortcake 100mLStrawberry Shortcake - 100mL

Delectable ice cream bar with layers of vanilla and strawberry ice cream with a crumbled topping and cookie crust.





Campfire - 60ml - Smores - 00mg - Zero
Campfire - 60ml - Smores - 03mg
Campfire - 60ml - Smores - 06mg
Colors - 100mL - Red - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
Colors - 100mL - Red - 06mg - 6mg/mL
Colors - 100mL - Sour - 00mg - Zero - 0mg/mL
Colors - 100mL - Sour - 06mg - 6mg/mL
Mr Meringue - 60ml - Mr Meringue - 00mg - Zero
Mr Meringue - 60ml - Mr Meringue - 03mg
Mr Meringue - 60ml - Mr Meringue - 06mg
Ms Meringue - 60ml - Miss Meringue - 00mg - Zero
Ms Meringue - 60ml - Miss Meringue - 03mg
Ms Meringue - 60ml - Miss Meringue - 06mg