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Space Jam E Juice - 30mL

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Space Jam 30mL

MSRP $21.99

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Andromeda 30mL

Andromeda - 30mL

A spiral galaxy mix of plump fresh blueberries swirled with sweet juicy and bursting with flavor pomegranate... Out of this world! 




Andromeda HVG

Andromeda HVG - 30mL

An unearthly expedition of flavors; Blueberry sweetness with a pop of pomegranate. This High VG e-juice will take you on journey you won’t soon forget! 




Astro 30mL

Astro - 30mL

Premium ejuice that springs to life on your tongue with the snappy tartness of a fresh green apple on the inhale, a smooth succulent strawberry sweetness with a ripe peach whisper to float your cloud on the exhale. A heavenly creation!



Astro HVG

Astro HVG - 30mL

Like a true star Astro HVG shines with its tart apple flavor, and dazzling combination of strawberry and peach. Together this trio of scintillating flavors has a very bright future!




Eclipse 30mL

Eclipse - 30mL

Vape that has you tasting the distinctive brilliance of Cavendish tobacco with the sweet and mellow introduction of vanilla bean wholesomeness. Be prepared to lose site of everything else while you vape this ejuice. 



Eclipse HVG

Eclipse HVG - 30mL

Sweet Cavendish tobacco takes front and center on this e-liquid. With its aromatic essence and whole bean vanilla enhancement, there is no denying this is the HVG juice you have been looking for!




Galactica 30mL

Galactica - 30mL

A stellar juice you won’t be able to put down. Crisp bubbly luxuriant champagne essence, with a float of succulent strawberry sweetness.




Meteor Milk 30mL

Meteor Milk HVG - 30mL

If there was ever a true strawberry milkshake flavored e-juice this High VG Meteor Milk is it. Other strawberry vapes hope to be Meteor Milk when they grow up!





Parsec - 30mL

Interstellar and intergalactic space measurement, or the most amazing tropical vacation in your mouth. Sweet juicy mango, orange zestyness with a glimmer of silky cream at the finish. Either way its out of this world!




Particle X 30mL

Particle X HVG - 30mL

Put together a light cotton candy fluffed sugar, a commixture of raspberry and blueberry flavors and you have created a heavenly High VG vape for all time. 




Pluto 30mL

Pluto - 30mL

Juice that is an eccentric blend of melon trifecta;  watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe with a bubble gum infusion that leaves you with a kiss of fresh mint on the exhale.  A lively little vape you will NOT be able to put down! 




Pluto HVG

Pluto HVG - 30mL

Fresh and invigorating this premium HVG juice is remarkable. Melons, bubble gum and mint. Satisfies your sweet tooth and refreshes at the same time. 




Solstice 30mLPulsar 30mL

Solstice/Pulsar - 30mL

**Solstice has been renamed to Pulsar. Your bottle depending on size and nic. level could say either Solstice or Pulsar.

A hot mix of wild cherry, fresh squeezed limes, and sunshine in a bottle! This juice will get you through any season with a smile on your face!


Thermal 30mLThermal HVG - 30mL 

Natural and Artificial Apple Kiwi Orange Smoothie Flavor





Helimilk High VGHeliomilk High VG - 30mL

Rich honey and cream





Sungrazer 30mLSungrazer High VG - 30mL

Glazed Lemon Cake





Terrasphere 30mLTerrasphere High VG - 30mL

Lemon-lime and cherry

SJ - 30mL - Battlestar - 00mg - Zero-HVG
SJ - 30mL - Battlestar - 03mg-HVG
SJ - 30mL - Battlestar - 06mg-HVG
SJ - 30mL - Battlestar - 12mg-HVG
SJ - 30mL - Heliomilk - 00mg - Zero-HVG
SJ - 30mL - Heliomilk - 03mg-HVG
SJ - 30mL - Heliomilk - 06mg-HVG
SJ - 30mL - Newton - 00mg - Zero
SJ - 30mL - Newton - 03mg
SJ - 30mL - Sungrazer - 00mg - Zero-HVG
SJ - 30mL - Sungrazer - 03mg-HVG
SJ - 30mL - Sungrazer - 06mg-HVG
SJ - 30mL - Sungrazer - 12mg-HVG