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Time Bomb 120mL

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Time Bomb Vapors


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Fuse 120mL

Fuse - 120mL

Take  your time with this juice to enjoy the highlight of red ripe watermelon enhanced with the tangy sweetness of a just picked strawberry. 




Joker 120mL

Joker - 120mL

There is nothing better than sitting back and enjoying the red raspberries and sweet plump blueberries of summer…. except being able to vape them all year long! 




Julius 120mL

Julius - 120mL

From the minute you inhale your decision is clear. This creamy orange swirled juice is your go to ADV!




Pixy 120mL

Pixy - 120mL

Purple grape flavored pixy sugar is sticky and messy but oh.. so.. good. Now get that same satisfaction in this ‘true to taste’ juice. Indulge your inner child!




Maniac 120mL

Maniac - 120mL

Go ahead…indulge. You deserve that sweet buttercream-topped cupcake with extra filling. No Calories, no cavities, just exquisiteness in a jar.




TNT 120mL

TNT - 120mL

Ignite your taste buds with the fresh fruitiness of tart apple, decadent peach, and tantalizing strawberry.





TNT Ice - 120mL

Ignite your taste buds with this menthol fresh fruitiness of tart apple, decadent peach and tantalizing strawberry.




Heathen 120mL

Heathen - 120mL

An exotic juice designed to entrap you with its captivating mix of honeydew melon fused with the kiwi-pear sweetness of dragon fruit. You will be amazed.

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TB - 120mL - Heathen - 06mg - 6mg/mL
TB - 120mL - Joker - 06mg - 6mg/mL
TB - 120mL - Julius - 06mg - 6mg/mL
TB - 120mL - Maniac - 03mg - 3mg/mL
TB - 120mL - Maniac - 06mg - 6mg/mL
TB - 120mL - Pixy - 06mg - 6mg/mL
TB - 120mL - TNT - 03mg - 3mg/mL
TB - 120mL - TNT - 06mg - 6mg/mL
TB - 120mL - TNT ICE - 03mg - 3mg/mL
TB - 120mL - TNT ICE - 06mg - 6mg/mL