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Uncle Junks & Fog Cabin - 60mL

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Uncle Junk's Fog Cabin Wholesale

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JW/Jon Wayne - 60mL

A quintessential aromatic tobacco flavor with an unmistakable float of vanilla and creamy caramel to even out this amazing creation. A smooth and honest ADV.



Just Bettie/Bettie White - 60mL

An amazingly accurate pomegranate taste infused with a touch of apple. Like its namesake, Betty White is a classic for all times. 


Junkyard Scotch - 60mL

A blend of bananas, butterscotch, and other subtle flavors.


Pink Meadow - 60mL

A delicious, strawberry cream that reminds you of the strawberry shortcake from your childhood.


Monica's Eyes - 60mL

Just sliced cantaloupe sweetness with ripe slightly tart kiwi and a blend of natural fruits is refreshing for your palate!


Big League Grape - 60mL

Luscious Concord Grapes with juicy shredded bubble gum will have you vaping out of the park.



Holy Water - 60mL

Fresh picked strawberries with sweet Italian white peaches, perfectly balanced with the melody of decadent vanilla crème and milky berry undertones.


Pineapple Feather - 60mL

Bursting with Fresh Pineapple and a sweetened confection of chewable gummies. Pineapple Feathers will delight your taste buds with ingenuity and pizazz.

UJ - 60mL - Monicas Eyes - 00mg - Zero