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8 Ball 60mL 

8-Ball 60mL

Grew from customer inspired mixtures of the legendary Vanilla Custard, then perfected to present a vibrant medium roasted coffee touched with a hint of spiced rum and smooth vanilla caramel. The essential wake and vape product, 8-Ball is one of the only exquisitely balanced coffee flavors available today.



Vanilla Custard 60mL


Vanilla Custard 60mL

Sets the benchmark for all custard flavors, becoming synonymous with savory desserts and rightfully earning itself a place as one of the most fondly remembered flavors ever created. Returning in bigger and better form, experience the unbelievable smooth, sumptuous and provocative flavor profile that firmly asserts itself as the premiere vanilla custard on the market.



Arctic Blizzard 60mL

Arctic Blizzard 60mL

Arctic Blizzard will blast your taste buds with an ultra refreshing storm of super cool mint and extra cold menthol. Perfect for menthol lovers by itself and excellent with other flavors, Arctic Blizzard will instantly become your new menthol go to.



Strawberry Watermelon Menthol

Strawberry Watermelon 60mL

Mouthwateringly ripe watermelon slices, juicy and sweet strawberries and adds our signature menthol coolness, resulting in a deliciously refreshing all day vape.




Honeydew Melon Menthol

Honeydew Melon 60mL

Ripe honeydew melon slices blasted with ice cold menthol that features a cool fruity inhale and a smooth refreshing exhale.




Creme Snozz

Creme 60mL

Snozz takes the original Berry flavor and coats it in a sweet and smooth creme. A perfect blend for an all day vape!




Snozz Berry

Berry 60mL

The original, signature flavor of freshly picked ripe magical berries previously undiscovered in nature, indigenous only in Murica.


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