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Utah Compliant Nic Salts

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 Utah Compliant Nic Salts Wholesale

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Beard Vape Salts:

No.05 - 10mL

Decadent and creamy Cheesecake with fresh ripe strawberries and a buttery graham cracker crust. The thought alone of this amazing juice will make your mouth water and the reality of it is even better.

No.32 - 10mL

No more waiting for the County Fair to enjoy the deliciousness of a fresh baked funnel cake. This all day cinnamon-sugar and pastry vape will have you licking your lips as you reminisce about roller coaster rides and cheap stuffed animal prizes!

No.71 - 10mL

Rip open a package of mouth watering peachy gummy rings and you will know the amazing taste and smell of vape No.71. Your dentist called and has approved this e-juice as the perfect replacement for those tantalizing gummy treats. Guilt and cavity free enjoyment!


Coastal Clouds Saltwater:


Apple Peach Strawberry Nic Salt Wholesale

Apple Peach Strawberry - 15mL

Experience waves of flavor from fresh apples, peaches and strawberries. It’s ultra smooth sailing with this salt nicotine.


Apple Nic Salt Wholesale

Apple - 15mL

Take a bite into a crisp apple straight from the cool coastal orchards. It’s ultra smooth sailing with this salt nicotine.


Mango Nic Salt Wholesale

Mango - 15mL

Jump feet first into this freshly peeled juicy mango. It’s ultra-smooth sailing with this salt nicotine.


Time Bomb Salts:


Pixy Salts - 15mL

Tart yumminess in a vape. Grape lovers, this one is for you!


TNT Ice - 15mL

The original tart apple, juicy peach, and sweet strawberry mix of TNT now with a blast of smooth menthol to give it that extra kick plus nicotine salt in 24mg.


TNT - 15mL

An explosion of fruity flavors to tickle and delight your taste buds! Tart apple, juicy peaches, and sweet succulent strawberries. Now with nicotine salt in 24mg

10ml Beard Vape Salts - No. 05 - 24mg - 24mg
10ml Beard Vape Salts - No. 32 - 24mg - 24mg
10ml Beard Vape Salts - No. 71 - 24mg - 24mg
15mL - TB - Maniac - 24mg - 24mg/mL
15mL - TB - Pixy Salts - 24mg - 24mg/mL
15mL - TB - TNT ICE - 24mg - 24mg/mL
15mL - TB - TNT Salts - 24mg - 24mg/mL
15mL Coastal-Clouds-Apple-Peach-Strawberry-Salts-24mg
15mL Coastal-Clouds-Apple-Salts-24mg
15mL Coastal-Clouds-Mango-Salts-24mg
15mL Coastal-Clouds-Mint-Salts-24mg
15mL Coastal-Clouds-Sugared-Nectarine-Salts-24mg
15mL Coastal-Clouds-Tobacco-Salts-24mg