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1ejuice, Master Distributor, distributes various premium ejuice product lines such as Kilo, Cuttwood, Space Jam E Juice, Lost Fog, Cosmic Fog Vapors, and Charlies Chalk Dust. Kilo E-liquid is a renowned Premium E-liquid brand worldwide due to its representation of a significant freedom of expression through unparalleled tastes and ideas while maintaining its iconic style and originality. Kilo E-liquid has very distinct flavor profiles all coveted by new breeds of evolutionary influences.


Kilo E-liquids has surpassed both theoretical and technical limits to meet the ever increasing demand for sophisticated flavors, and this is why we are their master wholesale distributors. Kilo E-liquid flavors include;

Kiberry yogurt

Kiberry yogurt's complex blend delivers a fruit mixture that is candied on the inhale but leaves an aftertaste of creamy yogurt. It's the final product when you take a delicious yogurt cream and infuse it with a dash of kiwi and a blend of fresh strawberries. The result is an ultimate harmony between Kilo E-liquids' signature cream flavors and sweet tartness.

Honey crème

A masterpiece created by Kilo's award winning mixologist. It is a smooth vanilla bean ice cream with drizzles of sweet honey and later topped with roasted nuts

Birthday cake

This flavor was derived from a classic yellow cake that is layered with a smooth frosting that is creamy. It was then topped with rainbow sprinkles. This flavor makes you feel like you're celebrating your birthday daily.

Milk and cookies

This is a simple flavor reminiscent of the simple joys in life just like a classic chocolate chip cookie can be dunked into a glass of milk for people to enjoy.

Cereal milk

This is a perfect mix of milky cream and fruity cereal. It will definitely remind you of a cold glass of milk after you've just had a bowl of your favorite cereal.

Tru Blue

Tru Blue will remind you of blueberry custards that have been perfectly sweetened and have a balanced cream and fruit ratio that make both nuances shine without overpowering each other.

Apple pie

This is a uniquely crafted version that brings a nostalgic experience to consumers that will satisfy even those with an insatiable sweet tooth. The refreshing taste can be expressed as caramelized apples mixed into a cinnamon bath that has been lightly spiced and folded into a perfectly flaky pastry crust.

Dewberry cream

An exquisite honeydew cream flavor mixed with light hints of mixed berry that is smooth and delicious. It strikes a perfect balance between creamy and fruity.

Fruit whip

This is a perfectly blended medley of fresh ripe fruits such as berries, pears, tropical fruits and apples. It is later topped with a splash of whipped cream to make it breathe taking.

The kilo standard E-liquid has the following flavors; Apple, Lemon Berry, Peach, Kiwi, Mixed berries, nutty, Menthol tobacco, Full flavor tobacco, Strawberry, Smooth tobacco and Raspberry

What to expect

Here are the major reasons you should get wholesale kilo E-liquid products from us;

  • We do processing and shipping of the Kilo E-juice products on the same day
  • We accept all major credit cards
  • We accept international wholesale applications
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  • We have no minimum order requirements (MOQ)
  • We offer free shipping (domestic orders over $500)

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